Our Fleet

Our Fleet

New For 2022


New For 2021

Volvo FL 280's & Volvo FE's

New arrivals for 2016, 2, 16 ton Skip Loaders

The second picture shows the Volvo FE 18 ton Skip Loaders with Hyva Extending arm bodies.


Of our modern regularly maintained vehicles (with the addition of several newer vehicles) we have:

15, 18t Skip delivery vehicles (2 Draw Bar Vehicles)

2, 16t Skip delivery vehicles

5, 32t Rollon-off vehicles (2 Draw Bar Vehicles)

5, 32t REL Collection vehicles

2, 7.5t Skip delivery vehicles

1, Kerbside Recycling collection vehicle

1, Sweeper

1, 3.5t Pickup delivery vehicle

These are in addition to our service and recovery vehicles.