News Update December 2021

News update. December 2021

As you may already be aware, April 2022, the government will be removing the current rebated duty on Red Diesel making it the same price as White Diesel (DERV). Although there are some exceptions (including Agriculture) most sectors will be affected that use 'off road' vehicles and machinery. For us at Peak Waste this is going to have a huge impact as we currently use approximately 22,000 litres of Red Diesel per month (Loading shovels, material handlers, and separators), alongside the 36,000 litres of White Diesel we use per month. In the last few months we have seen fuel prices at an all time high putting further pressure on businesses and the general public.

We have invested heavily over the last few years on new, more efficient cleaner engines to lower our carbon footprint. We installed 392 solar panels 8 years ago to offset our electricity consumption which now we have to pay rates on. As you can see we are still doing our best to be as efficient as possible.

With all these price increases we will have to review our price structure in the new year.

On a happier note, I know it's still early! We would like to wish all our customers, friends and suppliers a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.